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About me

I’m an interaction designer with the goal of making products that people can use with minimal help from others. My passion for design comes from my childhood of growing up playing video games and being the tech guru in my family.

Work history
Between July 2011 - August 2017, I worked at Accenture wearing several hats, including that of an interaction designer, user experience analyst, business analyst, UAT tester, and interface designer.

It was at Accenture where I learned how to work with multi-disciplinary teams in a business setting. I learned how to apply the design methods I learned during my time at the University of Washington Seattle to the business world as well as how to design experiences in an Agile software development cycle. It was also at Accenture where I also learned how to design multiple e-commerce experiences and where I learned about responsive design.

The most important lessons for me from Accenture were to always keep the client’s needs in mind, the technical feasibility of designs, and always advocate for the end user’s experience.  I learned how to ask about the value of feature requests a client’s customers and how to persuade clients that a design they might not like would create the best experience for their customers.

Past Education
I received my B.S. at the University of Washington's Human Centered Design and Engineering Department in March of 2011. During my time in my undergraduate degree, I worked I was exposed to working on multidisciplinary teams comprised of Design, Informatics, and Computer Science students. I learned how to work with teams to best utilize our skills to create the optimal experiences for users.

I also had the opportunity to study abroad in the Netherlands at the University of Twente in my senior year of college. While in the Netherlands, I worked with a student team to come up with a proposal on how to make the Afrika Museum in the Netherlands more interactive to today's generation.

Extracurricular Activities
Outside of school and work, my passions are listening to music, playing piano, playing video games, trying new restaurants, and traveling around the world.