Design challenge

The client, WSOBV, needed a website that would provide users a way to easily find information on the numerous events that they host throughout the year. WSOBV also wanted a website that would be easily accessible via a mobile device.

Methods: Agile, Axure Prototyping, Responsive Design

Tools: Axure RP Pro 7

Timeline: November 2018 - January 2014

Project roles: User Experience Architect


  • Create wireframes for a responsive website
  • Interactive prototype design in Axure


Our solution for WSOBV was to create a responsive user interface that dynamically changes the layout depending on the size of the user's screen. We then focused on creating a website that would be expandable for the client's future needs and easy to navigate for users.

What I learned

Always have examples to show when working with a remote team

From this project, I learned that it is very important to have examples to show to your team when all of you are working remotely. This was something I learned by observing and experiencing first hand. The best way for my manager to express what she was talking about was to give me websites that represented the design concepts she was thinking of and the best way for me to express my ideas was to do the same. It was also important for me to have examples of designs that I was debating between so that the team could see what designs I was working on and provide feedback on what they thought would be best.